Once entering Spencer’s fortress, they discovered corpses regarding Spencer’s bodyguards

During 2006, Chris and Jill recieved a tip off off an established supply discussing that Oswell Edward Spencer, the outdated Chairman out of Umbrella, off his venue into expectations to help you raid their hide-out and you can apprehend him to own interrogation.

Both of them needed to survive and endure multiple puzzles and you can traps dependent when you look at the estate, when you are fighting off the latest multiple mutant guardians and that relentlessly pursued him or her during their missions. If you find yourself continuing through the Mansion’s home gardens, they fell for the dated connection and you can landed throughout the sewers less than. Following that, Chris and you will Jill have been compelled to have fun with several cranks in order to eliminate this new contaminated creatures then made use of a gate and work out its escape from the fresh new sewers.

The two found several handguns from the savagely slain bodyguards and proceeded into Spencer’s Office in which they located Albert Wesker position beside the murdered Umbrella President. The 2 went through a long fight your along with Baltimore hookup his supernatural results, however, was indeed nearly slain. Wesker next happy to finish off Chris however, Jill rescued the woman companion and you will forfeited herself and you may Wesker from the bouncing as a consequence of a windows. Chris is saddened and decided not to do just about anything however, watch.

The new BSAA conducted a three-month look for Jill’s muscles, no success. This means that, Jill try officially announced deceased on distinctive line of obligations. For another 3 years, Chris had rejected one she passed away, and put himself on the all purpose offered, with the expectation to find some sort of result in Jill’s whereabouts.

Kijuju Experience

During 2009, new BSAA found a beneficial bioweapon package was going to take place in brand new African region of Kijuju Autonomous Zone, and you can delivered Redfield near to their the latest partner Sheva Alomar so you can stop Ricardo Irving. Taken to Kijuju with the alpha team, Redfield and you can Sheva met with Reynard Fisher for their equipment, and you can was confronted by Las Plagas contaminated locals. The 2 proceeded to combat alot more alternatives of the Las Plagas, and you can was basically rescued because of the Master Josh Stone during the a keen ambush by a motorcycle group. The guy offered the two the info away from Head office, and you will Redfield saw a picture of a lady one resembled Jill. Redfield and Sheva been able to corner Irving in the a great cliffside, but he escaped whenever an effective cloaked shape sidetracked both. Even after failing to bring Irving, Redfield featured the new documents and you will spotted he was going to this new marshlands.

Chris and Sheva carry out look for alpha party inactive, and was basically educated because of the BSAA to keep on the mission to capture Irving

The 2 went on its goal whenever rendezvousing that have delta people, but once Sheva thought of leaving because of the dying of the partners, Redfield revealed his personal stake regarding goal. From the marshlands, Redfield and you may Sheva had been aided from the Brick to stop Irving, but Ricardo became a monster plus they was basically forced to challenge him. Redfield interrogated Irving to your Jill, however, Ricardo told these to visit the local cave in advance of perishing away from his injuries. Throughout the cave, it discover an enthusiastic Umbrella research the spot where the progenitor malware was created, and found a great deal more involvement with TRICELL. Chris and you may Sheva found a beneficial containment space that has been laden up with medications, and you will known Excella Gionne and you may Albert Wesker speaking on the comms, alerting Redfield one to Albert was still alive. The two made to the latest monarch area, where Wesker faced him or her and you may revealed that this new cloaked girl are actually Jill, that is lower than his handle via a tool planted for her tits. Redfield and you can Alomar up coming proceeded to combat Wesker and you can Jill, and you can was able to get rid of the tool out-of Valentine while Wesker fled.