Michonne lets Maggie to get in this new mobile and Maggie are curved to your eliminating Negan having an effective crowbar

Although Negan gets a beneficial prisoner which is set properly behind taverns, Maggie entirely disagrees having Rick and Michonne’s choice so that him live and she vows one to she’ll make Hilltop strong again, bide her time and wait for the right moment under control in order to perfect her revenge up against Negan so you’re able to avenge the woman dear partner’s demise.

Nearly eighteen months just after Negan’s defeat, Maggie finally musters within the bravery to go to Alexandria and you may kill Negan just after getting driven because of the Oceanside survivors bringing payback for the Saviors just who caused them spoil in earlier times. Negan taunts Maggie having lacking taken payback ultimately and you may taunts the woman more murdering Glenn, and work out the girl a lot more upset. Although not once throwing him out of the telephone, Negan begs the woman to help you eliminate your as he really wants to getting reunited that have spouse. Maggie shortly after watching Negan degraded and damaged says to him to acquire back into brand new telephone, claiming that he is currently tough than simply dry and you will locks brand new doorway. Maggie appears to be happier viewing brand new distress Negan provides experienced whenever you are closed in the mobile and you will appears to have laid off out of the woman vendetta facing him and you may prefer to has actually him alive so you’re able to sustain. Negan seems troubled that Maggie chooses not to ever destroy your.

Daryl Dixon

In the beginning Negan will not show whichever need for Daryl. not, when Daryl blows Negan shortly after destroying Abraham and you will taunting Rosita, Negan try shocked and you can content. Not surprisingly, Negan brutally eliminates Glenn since the punishment getting their action, far to help you Daryl’s headache and you will despair.

However intrigued away from before, Negan commands Dwight to recapture Daryl till the group arrives, when he would like to write Daryl on the several other soldier. While in their simply take, Negan finds out Daryl’s defiance and you will care for both witty and you will tremendous. Despite difficulties breaking your towards the Savior’s ranking, Negan continued to love which pilot dating app have Daryl in the servitude up until Daryl’s stay away from. It is apparent one to Daryl dislikes Negan seriously and you can desires to fight him and Saviors and eliminate these.

Daryl is probable delighted one to Negan as well as the Saviors is in the course of time beaten of the your while the Military but it is found that the guy completely disagrees with Rick’s decision so you’re able to free Negan and privately plots which have Maggie and Jesus so you’re able to bide the time and at some point exact payback towards the Negan, proving you to definitely Daryl highly desires find him lifeless or destroy your themselves.

Almost eighteen months following stop of the battle, Daryl nonetheless seems to need Negan lifeless and wants Maggie so you’re able to have the opportunity to take action so you can avenge Glenn’s death and you will attempts to help the girl of the top Rick regarding Alexandria and you may reveals their disgust during the your to possess sparing Negan.

Daryl’s reaction to Maggie’s decision never to eliminate Negan try unfamiliar. Although not, ages later, he’s got softened their stance with the Negan, particularly just after Negan saves Lydia out-of a hit in “Silence the newest Whisperers.” Daryl are remaining experiencing the change in the Negan’s choices, proclaiming that the guy believes Lydia no matter if no one thinks Negan. Negan’s fate in the course of time comes down to Daryl’s choose, acting as Michonne’s proxy towards council. Daryl votes so you’re able to free Negan, knowing that he was regarding the in the issue.

Despite any bad feelings between the two Negan chooses to save yourself Daryl’s lifetime whenever caught by the around three Whisperers regarding event “Look at the Plants”.

Abraham Ford

Negan are discouraged by Abraham and felt it absolutely was too unsafe to save the larger kid alive. Shortly after getting captured by the Negan along with his Saviors, in lieu of other people, Abraham suggests totally zero concern inside facing him or her. When Negan really stands and you will looks right at him, Abraham will continue to look on your and this a little amuses Negan prior to remarking that he needs to “shave his crap”. Just after merely not able to next observe Negan that is chanting “eeny, meeny, miney, moe” and taking walks individual to individual when you are directing his bat during the her or him ahead of in the long run selecting Abraham. Once alerting her or him to not interfere, Negan after that slams the fresh bat so you can Abraham’s lead, causing him to help you bleed greatly. Prior to their dying, Abraham utters “bring my personal crazy” so you’re able to Negan, who up coming continues in order to bash his direct several a lot more times, totally mutilating his direct just before mocking their history conditions.