Every tradition has its own unique customs and characters when it comes to ceremonies. Latin America, which is home to a wide range of populations with various accents and narratives, is where this is particularly genuine. But one point Latinos do share latina women for marriage is their love of big celebrations! And incorporating some of these distinctive Spanish bride sign meanings can be the ideal way to share a bit of your heritage with your guests at weddings. These are some of the most adored elements that can include a touch of Latin panache to your great morning, from presenting the arras ceremony to the hope lantern.

The man presents his wife with 13 silver pennies during the Arras Ceremony, the number of which represents Jesus and his 12 apostles. The groom asks his family to embrace the items as her own and uses them as a symbol of his commitment to provide for her and their coming home.

The couple is also lassoed by their padrinos or madrinas—people who are close to them and play a special role in their lives—along with the ribbon known as the” sagrado.” This signifies the couple’s current union and the fact that they did remain collectively forever.

Couples also use handcrafted plates made of polished copra for the sandwiches, which is another distinctive aspect. This represents cohesion and a shared cultural foundation. Additionally, it serves as a reminder to treasure one another and to appreciate the pleasure and difficulties of living up.