i dunno , whenever i read part 1 & 2 its sorts of exiciting a little , but its becomeming increasingly more serious by time. Its does not feel just like konosuba anymore

Things i’d like answered in volume 17: Is Chomusuke Wolbach? Will everyone realise Kazuma could be the thief that is masked Megumin) Will Darkness find out Chris is Eris? Will anyone get a cross the line? Will Kazuma look at the Capital once again?

(If someone has seen spoilers or read it in Japanese, go ahead and let me know when they will likely to be answered or otherwise not.) fast dating

Well I did son’t read yet the vol 17, but i understand Megumin knew currently her idol the Masked thief along with her kid kazuma is the identical. Do u read the explosion spin-off that is continued? That amount is hilarious af!!

Spoiler Warning for your concerns, since these concerns have now been answered before amount 17, so don’t see the following in the event that you don’t want spoilers if you haven’t all the light novels (excluding LN 17) and all the spin offs (yes, the spin offs canonically contain some answers to your questions, so go read those first)

Is Chomusuke Wolbach?

Techncally, yes. Wolbach’s two halves had been divided into her and a black colored beast whenever released from their seal. To subdue her partner who was simply going to strike the individual that circulated them, Wolbach utilized explosion secret and drained the beast’s power that it won’t cause trouble (i.e until it became small enough. chomusuke). Wolbach has referred to chomusuke as her half” that is“other Vanir has called chomusuke “that evil goddess”. The Explosions Spin-off is provides more direct details as to just how it took place, but LN 9 describes it sufficient.

Will everyone realise Kazuma is the Masked Thief? (Specially Megumin)

Within the Continued Explosions Spin-off, Kazuma and Chris expose their identification since the Silver Haired Thieving Group to Megumin, before inviting her to go heisting with them for the next divine relic. If you wish to learn more information about that, go see the Continued Explosions Spin-off.

Will Darkness find out Chris is Eris? Unknown. In LN 12, she overheard that Chris includes a hidden/true identification, but Darkness is unaware of just exactly exactly what that identification is. To quote: “Then I’ll wait till you want to let me know. What sort of life you actually led at it, what Chris’ real identification is. just before arrived right here, where did you result from, and while you’re” Whether this really is revealed in LN 17 is unknown for me.

Will anybody get a cross the line? Considering that we’re getting a sequel, it really is extremely not likely that they might get across the line (let’s assume that we’re for a passing fancy web page of exactly what crossing the line is) in LN 17, specially because this volume is mostly about attacking the Demon King’s fortress. The closest that anybody has ever crossed the relative line is in LN 7 when Kazuma broke into Darkness’ house, and LV 12 as soon as the latter handcuffed Kazuma and destroyed one of the keys. Nevertheless, it will be exceptionally not likely for the present time.

Will Kazuma look at the Capital once again? You mean after he got kicked out of the castle in LN 11 when you mean “again”, i’m assuming. That he will be invited to the capital again if he defeats the Demon King, as accomplishing such a feat is literally a nationwide service to the country though i haven’t read LN 17 yet, it would be safe to assume. Additionally, Iris has stated that “The hero whom defeated the Demon King and came back victoriously will make the ability to just take the Princess as his wife”. Though Kazuma would most likely reject Iris’ supposed turn in wedding, he’d most likely be invited into the castle if he defeats the Demon King

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