For the a task reversal, Pam now provides Jim advice on his dating while you are mustering romantic emotions to have your

Immediately after Jim and you can Pam region off their hug, Pam decides one she continues to have to honor her dedication to Roy and tells Jim one to she intentions to undergo having the marriage. Distressed and you will heartbroken, Jim allows the right position in the Stamford branch from Dunder Mifflin. Pam fundamentally chooses to call off the marriage which will be seen certainly forgotten Jim’s exposure at the job, while maintaining you to she bankrupt out of the lady engagement for various reasons (“Gay Witch hunt”).

As they seem to get together again, Jim’s reference to Karen while the likelihood of your becoming marketed in order to a situation on Business however have them aside

Pam suggests several signs and symptoms of remorse over the woman decision so you can reject Jim in fact it is certainly excited about their return to Scranton immediately after the closure of your own Stamford part. Jim, yet not, does not look too happier from the prospect, having left to try to overcome his attitude for Pam, but fundamentally are enthusiastic about rekindling the friendship, Jim has been unsure of exactly how the guy feels on the the woman and you can got become a relationship which have Stamford coworker Karen, just who in addition to relocated to Scranton to continue the girl connection with Jim, which causes Jim and Pam’s reunion to get instead disappointing to help you Pam (“This new Merger”).

Fundamentally, Jim understands that Pam was disappointed towards ways things are and you will chooses to go back to their dated prankster indicates from the pulling pranks into Dwight and you may Andy close to Pam, just who along onenightfriend price with actually starts to produce a relationship that have Karen (“Good Benihana Christmas”). For a time, both check happy, having returned to being family.

In the end getting sincere in order to herself throughout the this lady feelings to own Jim, Pam reduces and you will whines after recognizing this woman is pushing him with the palms of another girl (“Right back Of Trips”).

In the event Jim admits in order to Karen that he continues to have thinking getting Pam (“The brand new Return”), its matchmaking nonetheless seems solid and you will happier. Pam, distraught more than which, will get back including Roy, who had been seeking to victory the girl right back since their breakup (“Phyllis’ Relationship”), hence will leave Jim demonstrably awkward.

Looking for a unique start with Roy, Pam decides to simply tell him on which took place towards the casino evening (“Cocktails”), hence encourages Roy to act violently and eventually try to violence Jim working (“New Negotiation”). Which experiences puts a-strain on her behalf reference to Jim and it feel a lot more distant.

Pam sooner or later expands sick of concealing the lady feelings off Jim and you may, for the beach date, confesses so you can your ahead of the entire office group you to definitely he had been the genuine reason she titled out-of their wedding and you can that she misses his relationship (“Seashore Online game”). Afterwards you to definitely nights, Jim opens up so you’re able to Pam exactly how the guy feels since if he’d never truly come back from Stamford because of just how of several unresolved points he has.

They fundamentally gets obvious, although not, you to definitely Jim still has unresolved attitude on Pam and that begin to create problems within his relationship with Karen

Through the their interview that have David Wallace in Ny, Jim finds a see that Pam got privately set to the their transformation information who has his natural yogurt-top medal out-of “Office Olympics” and you may realizes that he is able to no further challenge his feelings to possess this lady. Then he e out of idea on the business standing, breaks with Karen, and drives back once again to Scranton. Meanwhile, Pam seems to accept that she and Jim were not meant to getting which the time is actually never ever correct, it is pretty happy when Jim bursts towards the meeting space while in the her talking direct and you will requires their out on a romantic date (“The work”).