Azula was a highly intelligent and you can wise strategist


Azula knew right away you to definitely Aang desired to trick her, advising Mai and you will Ty Lee to adhere to Appa’s real path when you’re she battled the fresh new Avatar.

She was also a very studious girl. As the youngsters, she was well-versed within her state’s army history due to the fact she successfully recounted Flame Lord Sozin’s method inside the a vintage competition. [13] She prepared a pitfall to possess Iroh and Zuko, that has been simply accidentally foiled from the master off her vessel. [19] She immediately discerned the fresh Avatar’s plan to misguide the girl that have a false path. [20] She and shown amazing attacking expertise in mastering the fresh new fighting techinques out-of the woman opponents, including the capturing cinch stop ability demonstrated because of the Aang facing the girl inside battle of the bore. She copied it in the form of a capturing fire stop during the this lady fight with the new Kyoshi fighters maintaining Appa, using one to move to stop the woman fight with Suki. Into the Kyoshi warriors ultimately seized, Azula, Ty Lee, and you may Mai used their robes, stealing the identities so you’re able to freely enter into Ba Sing Se and Environment King’s palace, delivery her coup up against the Environment Queen. This coup try single-handedly orchestrated by the lady, effective Ba Sing Se on the Fire Country. [6] [7] During the day out-of Black Sunlight, she put a pitfall getting Aang along with his household members playing with Dai Li agents on the Fire Lord’s throne space, making certain brand new eclipse date could well be burned up. [8] She including shown the ability to getting thus really ready sleeping effortlessly one actually Toph couldn’t sense they aside from exactly how blatant this new lay is, showing you to Azula don’t be guilt having sleeping otherwise of numerous off their almost every other tips. [8] She in addition to exhibited an ability to see even if anyone try advising your situation, claiming only you to definitely she is actually a beneficial “somebody person”. [28]

Even in ramifications of the girl mental illness, the girl laughter and ability to strategize were not completely shed, since despite becoming extreme provoked of the salir con un chico con un fetiche de pies Zuko’s taunts out of fearing their super redirection, she still could build a method to overwhelm this lady sister by the setting-out new super within Katara rather, and that been successful during the devastating Zuko. The following year, she managed to utilize the consequences off chi blocking, which brought about the girl system bones to become really flexible, so you can 100 % free by herself out of the lady restraints and you will from Zuko. To the other event, she been able to conserve People Avatar from a swarm out-of moth wasps that with a lightning baseball to attract her or him due toward extreme white.

Azula’s intelligence made the girl extremely skilled for the influencing anybody. She made use of which skill on of many subjects, as well as their sibling Zuko, [7] the girl mom Ursa, [13] Long Feng, [6] [7] the fresh new Dai Li, [6] [7] Sokka, [8] and even their father to some degree.

Almost every other feel

Azula’s highest-height experience within the unarmed combat try demonstrated from time to time inside show. She effortlessly avoided Zuko’s frenzied blade symptoms without the use of firebending, powering their hands off way. [19] Afterwards, she went on so you can disarm Suki and you can knocked the woman off the lady feet without flexing. [22] She as well as got particular skills with undetectable weaponry, because the she implied into the using good shuriken blade in the eclipse. [8] Their acrobatics and use of a low profile shuriken blade was basically apparently enjoy she found off Ty Lee and you may Mai, correspondingly. [15] Azula try extremely agile once the she was able to run-up structure and you can perform middle-heavens twirls. She dodged Aang and you can Toph’s bending episodes with little efforts using highest leaps particularly Ty Lee, sooner making Aang acknowledge she is actually too fast to hit. [8] The lady physical energy has also been ace given that she you’ll manage a planche, help this lady human body from inside the a lateral status by using this lady palms, with little energy. [28] [29]